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The Living Archive of the Concrete Universe of Adriano Olivetti. Congress Contribution Lausanne.

“Light like a syllable and complete like a sentence” with these words Franco Fortini described the first portable typing machine called “lettera 22” produced by Olivetti and designed by Marcello Nizzoli e Giuseppe Breccio (1955). The same can be said for the first convention on the topic in Switzerland, curated by Kornelia Imesch Oechslin, Francesco Diaco, Sarah Matt e Stefano Minotti, which I had the pleasure and the honor to contribute with the presentation of some ideas related to a research project that I have coordinated for the Zurich University of the Arts, which sees the Canavese Territory as the “living archive” (material and immaterial) of the Olivetti era, which is for us a resource and a method to rethink and reimagine a future to our industrial heritage within and without the Ivrea and the Olivetti.


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